Ancient Frontier The Crew v1.17

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Ancient Frontier The Crew — this is another representative of this kind of video games, like turn-based strategies in a sci-fi setting. The user will go into the deep space of the distant future, where humanity has already with might and main mastered quantum leaps, teleports and more than a dozen planets colonized. As you progress through the game, the gamer will fully explore the worlds around him, explore the planets, meet representatives of different civilizations, make profitable alliances or make enemies, plunder space caravans, fight pirates and defend the borders belonging to his factions.

Ancient Frontier Steel Shadows v1.05 (upd.20190210) - CODEX

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In the future, when mankind has mastered the depths of space, a powerful Federation will be created that controls all aspects of the space program. In the game Ancient Frontier Steel Shadows you have to play the role of apostate Rogan Harker, who dared to challenge the Federation. Most recently, your hero was released from prison, and he happily went to the Frontier in search of his old friends and the opportunity to start a new life. Unfortunately, the Federation does not favor former prisoners at all, which means that you will not even have a chance to live legally. Your hero will have to become a real pirate and go on a free journey in search of wealth and glory.

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Ancient Frontier v20181212 (Steel Shadows) - CODEX

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Ancient Frontier is a science-fiction game in the style of turn-based strategy. Here you have to go to conquer the vast outer space, gradually destroying the enemy and coping with all the difficulties on the way. You find yourself in a far future, where mankind maximally promotes all advanced technologies, trying to develop them as much as possible. Colonized is also included in their range of activities, which is why the vast number of distant and intimate planets was conquered. As you progress through the game process, you will have the opportunity to explore each world, get acquainted with different civilizations, explore the planets and conquer the atmosphere. Try not to make enemies, and if so, do everything possible to eliminate them. In addition, you must engage in diplomatic activities, creating strong and friendly relations with other peoples and civilizations. Fight with insidious pirates, and also take up the plunder of space caravans, in order to replenish your arsenal with valuable items and powerful tools.

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