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New addition addition An Unexpected DLC for Dungeons 3 — Whatever you may say, and the forces of good so simply do not give up. After a series of crushing defeats, they try to strike back with the help of the Queen of the Forest. Tear out their hope with the root of the new campaign, where you are waiting for an additional type of monsters and battle with a powerful representative of good in the person of the Queen.

Metro Exodus v20190215 (FULL UNLOCKED)

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Metro Exodus — the continuation of a great series of post-apocalyptic shooters, which will tell the adventures of Artem far beyond the usual Moscow. The game begins years after the end of the previous part. As a result of all the unpleasant incidents that occurred in the underground of the scorched capital, Artem decided to leave the ill-fated city and go in search of a new refuge in a world that survived a merciless nuclear war.
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Circle Empires v1.2.8 - SiMPLEX

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Circle Empires is a gaming computer project developed in the strategy genre, where all actions will take place in real time, which will make the atmosphere more realistic. You will go to a rather unusual world, which consists of continuous small kingdoms located in a circular area. Your main task will be the capture of these same kingdoms and their territory. To become dominant over the vast world of islands, you will need a lot of time and effort. Try to constantly pump the main character, because the further you move around the world, the more difficult the tasks will be. Moreover, in addition to the main task, you still have a side, which is in a bloody battle with a powerful boss. Every island that you managed to capture. You will gradually add money to you, and you can spend it on improving defense, defense and combat arsenal. Buy also soldiers who will resist crowds of opponents.

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Youtubers Life OMG v1.4.1 - PLAZA

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Youtubers Life OMG — sign a contract with an exclusive network and furnish your home with the coolest things. Develop, and as a result you can afford a mansion in outer space. Become a famous gamer on the gaming channel! Record gameplay videos, reviews and passing, including speed. Collect consoles of all generations, play hit news and develop your own video games. Play your own songs on the music channel. You can play 30 different instruments in more than 10 genres. Publish covers, lessons, duets, write hit songs and let’s live concerts. Prepare the best recipes on the culinary channel. Cook new exotic dishes from different cuisines of the world. Upload tips, video tutorials and collaborations, become an experienced chef and work in your own restaurant.

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TerraTech v1.0.2.4 - SKIDROW

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TerraTech is a new sandbox-constructor in which you can create different machines, explore planets, gather resources and fight against your competitors and hostile inhabitants of the planet. In the game, just a huge amount of various details for the creation of transport, including various weapons. This all reveals almost limitless possibilities for creativity, which will be very appealing to all the amateurs of the designer. In the game you fly to the planet, collect useful resources and send to Earth. But the struggle for resources is tough, the corporations GSO and GeoCorp will interfere with you, and you have to fight. Destroying the opponent’s car, you can use its details and, thus, improve your car. Battles and mechanics in the game at a high level, that’s why, even before the final version, the game is so popular.

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Far Cry New Dawn v20190212 (Deluxe Edition) - ALI213

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Far Cry New Dawn is a plot continuation of the fifth part of the series, a game in which you will have to go to the apocalyptic world, which survived the nuclear apocalypse predicted in the last game by Father Joseph Sid. In the story, the prediction of Joseph Sid came true and there was an apocalypse. Humanity is almost destroyed, and only a few survivors are trying to create a new society. But it was not without antagonists — the twin sisters, who decided to take advantage of lawlessness and seize power in Hope County, are now playing their part. Well, and you just have to declare war on them. The world is almost destroyed, there is nothing left of what would resemble an advanced civilization. You are in this apocalypse and you have to survive.

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Euclidean Skies v08.02.2019

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Euclidean Skies — a game in the style of turn-based puzzle, where you have to go more than five dozen levels. The complexity of each stage will increase, which will make the game more interesting. Each level will introduce you to the main character, who is stuck and can not find a way out of this ill-fated place. You must help him in this difficult task, because the further he goes, the harder it will be to cope with the task. You will be engaged in a variety of actions that are closely related to the solution of secrets and puzzles.

theHunter Call of the Wild Parque Fernando v1.29 - CODEX

theHunter Call of the Wild Parque Fernando Game Free Download Torrent
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theHunter Call of the Wild Parque Fernando — you traveled through the hills and valleys, savannas and snow-covered forests. Now it’s time to go to South America. Park Fernando needs your help: you have to turn the wilderness of Patagonia into a world-class hunting reserve. Make your way through dried forests and cross swamps, hills and green meadows, discovering strong points and building hunting lodges. Caroline, the harsh owner of the reserve, can’t wait to see what you are worth. Only time will tell if you can turn this land into a real paradise for hunters.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance v1.8.1 - CODEX

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If you are free to list all the games in the medieval setting and for this you will have five fingers of one hand, then you definitely want to download from the torrent Kingdom Come Deliverance — a real mediaeval action to the brain of the bone, in which there are no orcs, magic, meticulous elves and other creatures. Dirt, pigs, knights, yelp of steel, cries of the fallen — all this horror suffices in the presented game on the computer. It is worth noting that the presented game is entirely devoted to the themes of the Middle Ages as much as possible in principle. The main place of action is Bohemia, which at the moment is part of the Czech Republic.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Band of Bastards v1.8.1 (upd.05.02.2019) - CODEX

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Band of Bastards — they were hired by Pan Radzig Mare, trying to get rid of local gangsters. But in the course of the investigation, it turns out that the leader of the mercenaries, Baron Kuno, has longstanding accounts with one gang of criminals. Now a massive battle can not be avoided. The roads around Rattai are far from safety, so Sir Radzig Mare enlisted the help of an old acquaintance, impoverished but insidious, Baron Kuno from Richwald and his notorious hired group. Radzig sends Henry to lead the group through the territory. And to restrain their unbridled appetite for the problem. They are going to patrol the provinces and soon discover that Radzig’s sworn enemies have come to settle old bills long ago. The competing groups take part in the war one by one, which ends up with an inevitable confrontation.

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