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Sonic Forces is a new, full-fledged game about the blue hedgehog Sonic, which was presented by Sega’s studio in honor of the anniversary of the series, which this year marks twenty-five years. Throughout this time, the developers constantly worked and tried to show the players all the new opportunities of the world, in which the famous hedgehog lives. The thing is that the creators of the franchise did not just demonstrate it from the side of Sonic’s hedgehog, but also from the side of his friends who more than once became full-fledged game characters of more than one franchise game. But now it seems that the developers have surpassed themselves and demonstrated an even more interesting franchise game, because now the graphics are simply amazing with their colorfulness, and the characters seem alive and it seems that they are about to jump out of the screen right into your hands.

This game has been updated 6-08-2018, 12:47 to the latest version v1.04.79 + 6 DLC.


Dragon Age Inquisition Digital Deluxe Edition v1.11 + All DLC - CPY

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Dragon Age Inquisition — this is the new part of the popular series of games in the genre of RPG. Before the player opens a fantasy world filled with various fairy-tale creatures, magic and powerful heroes. In the plot passage you will become the head of the Inquisition — an organization that strives to eradicate all evil in the territory of Tedas. Already at the very beginning you will have a huge number of cases that need to be investigated. Before you an open world with freedom of action, but do not forget your main purpose — to destroy evil. Fight with different monsters, increase your skills and improve your organization. In «Dragon Age Inquisition» the player himself chooses the appearance of the protagonist, his race, sex, voice and even sexual orientation.

[UPDATE ONLY] F1 2017 Update v1.7 - CPY

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Before you last update for the game F1 2017, you have a unique opportunity to drive the most expensive and fastest cars in the world, ride the famous tracks that were recreated in detail and get the absolute champion’s cup. The game process has become much more meaningful and more variable, which means that the player will be able to play a career for ten years of playing time. This time, the player needs not just to win the championships, but also to spend time on his personal team, manage the personnel and put forward engineering thoughts. In the career mode of the game F1 2017 pc, there are training races, which will allow the player to learn the track as much as possible and get used to his racing car. Now there is an opportunity for seasonal competitions to monitor the technical condition of the car, to independently supervise the process of repair and replacement of the engine, the box and other parts.

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Download crack for PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 for free is a full-fledged way to launch a new toy from Arkane Studios. This crack was developed by the release group CPY, and released to the network to get acquainted with its capabilities. In fact, you can not buy a game license, just download Crack / NoDVD for free and upload the files to a folder with the game installed, after which all restrictions and requests will go away by themselves. A separate niche in the vast world of computer games has always been occupied by sports simulators. Such projects give players the opportunity to relax, enjoying their favorite sport and getting a lot of fun from the game process. Football is by right one of the most popular sports, which year after year generates an increasing army of fans. PES 2018 will allow you to experience an unprecedented experience from your favorite game.

PES 2017 / Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 v1. - CPY

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It is worth noting that this series of games has been popular for more than twenty years, albeit with varying success — ratings are falling, then rising again. Such fluctuations were most felt recently, when the developers gave slack, and did not try to surprise the players with the gameplay. In comparison with FIFA, he conceded, and even very much. But now they decided to take into account all their mistakes, and when working on a new project, special attention was paid to network modes, working in detail and qualitatively.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard v1.03 + DLC - CPY

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In the hot season, the performance of companies in the game world is somewhat reduced - both gamers and developers are attracted to the sun. However, in autumn the turbines begin to work in full, new cool games and cult continuations are coming out. So, there is a chance that rainy time can be spent in company with zombies from Resident Evil 7. You heard right! The assumption was shared by the prominent organization SuperData.

Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter v1.0 (04.07.2017) - CPY

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Fans of adventure detective computer games have been enjoying the projects of the Frogwares game studio for the last decade, the main character in which the famous Sherlock Holmes comes in. We would like to present you a series of games Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the first project of which was introduced in 2002, and to date there have been created 7 games for personal computers representing the genre of adventure. In addition, the studio pleased with a single casual, and 3 console versions. In early 2016, a new project was released in this direction. It was developed in conjunction with the company Bigben Interactive, which was made by the publishers of the game. Those who enjoyed the previous project, we recommend a new download Sherlock Holmes The Devil's Daughter through torrent is mandatory, free of charge from our site.