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Dawn of Andromeda Subterfuge - PLAZA

Dawn of Andromeda Subterfuge Game Free Download Torrent
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Dawn of Andromeda Subterfuge — was quieter, but now there are many dangers. Take the reins of one of the civilizations and develop it in this galaxy. Dawn of Andromeda is a step-by-step space simulator in the genre «4X» in real time with exciting and addictive gameplay that will allow you to feel yourself an emperor. Create your empire, enslave new planets, interact with other factions and characters, experiment with new technologies and build fleets to make enemies tremble. Explore the galaxy, where not only all kinds of factions, bandits, merchants, pirate clans and mercenaries will meet you, but also anomalies, black holes, ancient artifacts, remains and much more. Navigate in new systems — there may be new opportunities or new troubles. Well, ready to challenge the galaxy.

Realpolitiks v1.6.3 - SKIDROW

Realpolitiks Game Free Download Torrent
Every second of himself thinks of a great politician and knows exactly how to conduct state affairs. But is it really so? It’s one thing to criticize power without foundation, and it’s another thing to come up with solutions and execute them. Realpolitiks — this is a large-scale political strategy in real time, in which you can test your skills of the leader of the chosen country. Geopolitics is a complicated and dirty business, requiring a complete absence of moral and ethical restrictions. Only diplomatic skills, economic advantages and military power will allow you to create a successful state. Will you be able to adapt to the conditions of the surrounding world, will you influence the domestic policies of other countries, using dirty methods, how will you cope with the global crisis or terrorists? Realpolitiks visually show how you are a good politician!

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Eador Imperium v2.73.3.9771 - PLAZA

Eador Imperium Game Free Download Torrent
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Eador Imperium is an addition that does not require the original game «Eador Masters of the Broken World», which contains a number of significant improvements. You will find updated game mechanics, 4 additional heroes, an improved tactical map, as well as new units and a whole new world on Oskol. Eador Empire can be safely called a remake of Eador. Creation, a cult game from domestic developers, conquered the hearts of many players. You will also be waiting for an exciting campaign and complex tactical turn-based battles. Atmospheric fantasy world and elements of RPG will be tightened for long hours of fascinating game.

Sudden Strike 4 v1.07 - RELOADED

Sudden Strike 4 Game Free Download Torrent
I remember that many people claimed that the World War II setting was outdated and nobody needs it anymore, since it is no longer being considered and is not going to release various game projects. But this statement can be considered true only in the case of someone who lives in too much detail political life and does not consider the trends of the game market. For example, the publishing house Kalypso Media, which has become famous for its furious desire to develop its base of games recently, recently announced that it intends to engage in an additional game project called Sudden Strike 4, which, you guessed, refers to the above-described setting.

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Endless Space 2 Untold Tales v1.2.23 (upd.29.03.2018) - CODEX

Endless Space 2 Untold Tales Game Free Download Torrent
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Endless Space 2 Untold Tales — a new, refined replenishment in the world of games developed in the genre of strategy. The first part of this game was released in 2013, and now can please us with a more advanced addition. This time, you are offered the role of commander, who will lead his military detachment into a vast and vast space. You will have to explore the cosmic expanses, find mysterious star systems and discover all the secrets that ancient civilizations conceal. Develop technology and promote them in the field of science, which will allow you to buy incredible power and power over rivals. It will be very difficult, because there are many other forms of life. Someone will treat you with good, and someone will have to enter into conflict, which will lead to military action. Act quickly and think through each step, drawing up a strategy plan.

Total War ROME II - Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack - CODEX

Total War ROME II - Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack Game Free Download Torrent
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Roster of units of the Kingdom of Numidia in the DLC Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack for Total War ROME II. The Kingdom of Numidia was formed after the Second Punic War. Prior to that, the Berbers, the locals, were divided into two tribes — massifs and masses. Both of these tribes were famous for their skillful warriors and often feuded. The massifs had good relations with Carthage — this is one of the main reasons why the masses tried to enlist the support of Rome at the very first opportunity. At the cost of many efforts, both tribes joined the Numidian kingdom under the leadership of the Massilian king Massinissa. He ruled for 54 years, turning Numidia into a prosperous North African power.

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Hearts of Iron IV Waking the Tiger - CODEX

Hearts of Iron IV Waking the Tiger Game Free Download Torrent
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A new addition to the global strategy of Hearts of Iron 4, focused on the Asian front of World War II and adding new game options. Waking the Tiger adds a national tree of tricks for China, which will allow you to lead to the victory of the Republic of China or communist China. In the game there are modified tree tricks for Germany and Japan, giving a chance to overthrow Hitler in the main power of the Axis or to restore democracy in the Land of the Rising Sun. With the release of the complement, you can put at the head of several Field Marshal armies, so you will be able to better coordinate the movements of large groups of troops, and you can use the political force to make national decisions. In addition, the addition adds the ability to pick up equipment from the battlefield, use avikorpusa volunteers, acclimatize troops and do much more.

Dark Quest 2 Upd. 06.03.2018 - SKIDROW

Dark Quest 2 Game Free Download Torrent
Dark Quest 2 is a step-by-step RPG strategy in which, by controlling the characters, you need to defeat the insidious sorcerer. But before you fight with him, you will be faced with a difficult and dangerous path through various dungeons filled with dangerous enemies. Each hero has his own unique abilities, and during the game you can develop or improve skills. The craft system allows you to create a unique and powerful weapon from the collected artifacts — all this will be useful in battles with monsters. Step-by-step system, although it allows you to think through your actions, but at the same time does not forgive mistakes. So think carefully about which hero and how to attack the enemies.

Warhammer 40.000 Sanctus Reach Sons of Cadia v1.1.8 - CODEX

Warhammer 40.000 Sanctus Reach Sons of Cadia Game Free Download Torrent
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Warhammer 40.000 Sanctus Reach Sons of Cadia is a computer game that actually demonstrates a lot of interesting gaming solutions that were not previously presented in the framework of these game series. Thus, the developers were finally able to present their offspring as it once was in the expanse of card entertainment that was so popular in the last century. Only in this way they were able to finally demonstrate that they can still create real masterpieces with the help of which the entertainment of the players is in full swing. But it’s not surprising that the developers still got their way, because now the series of video games in the Warhammer universe continues to enjoy immense popularity among the players, because its action and characters are great for developing new and more cool computer games based on them a variety of genres.

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Battlezone Combat Commander - CODEX

Battlezone Combat Commander Game Free Download Torrent
Battlezone Combat Commander will return one of the most beloved classic games of the 90s and players will again have to take command of the battlefield, performed in sci-fi stylistics. A mixture of classic RTS and a first person shooter will allow not only to build bases and extract resources, ordering units, but also to fight in the thick of events. Users will be able to go through a complex single-player campaign in which they will have to confront the dangerous alien threat of Scions. You can not only exterminate them, but also take alien technologies under your control. In addition to the single mode, Battlezone: Combat Commander will support multi-user content, in which up to 14 players can participate. It is also planned to support mods, thanks to which everyone can create their own maps, scripts, units and much more.