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35MM v1.3 - ALI213

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35MM — a project from a domestic developer on the popular topic of post-apocalyptic survival. The global epidemic destroyed almost all of humanity, the infrastructure no longer functions, the remaining people have to survive with difficult conditions. The history of 35MM will tell about two travelers, one of which you will manage. Who is he? What happened? Where are we going? On these and many other questions the game will gradually answer you. You will travel through the territory of Russia, you are waiting for abandoned cities and even secret underground structures. To survive, you need to constantly look for food, weapons and other useful things. In the game you are waiting for interesting puzzles and complex decisions that directly affect the storyline and the very ending.​

Caligo v1.0 (First Release) - RELOADED

Caligo Game Free Download Torrent
Caligo is a small atmospheric walking simulator. It’s an interactive story where you mainly have to look and listen. Caligo is the darkness everyone descends into one way or another, and to each of us it’s something different. For some it’s a short but exciting adventure, some will see it as a place to relax. Yet others will be reminded of their worst nightmare, while for a few, it might come as a revelation. One thing is certain however: everyone will have to answer one big question.

Forts v2017.07.08c - ALI213

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Computer game Forts refers to strategies with 2D graphics, and offers all users to plunge into the reflections. You have to plan the plan and implement it on the battlefield. The developers paid special attention to the physics engine, therefore, consider this. In order to achieve your goals and realize your ideas, you will build an indestructible fleet. Keep track of time. Remember that your enemies do not slumber, and they want to do everything you need to win before you do it. Speed and tactics are important here.