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Move or Die v11.0.2 - SKIDROW

Move or Die Game Free Download Torrent
Already from the title Move or Die it is clear that in the game you have to move in order not to die. We offer you to download an entertaining platformer to play together with friends. And you can play up to four people with one computer. The game contains a huge selection of various modes, so you will not be bored. Call your friends and go to the small cards to fulfill the set conditions, which generally come down to stay the last one alive on the map. The game received more than one prestigious award, which is not surprising, because the graphics, mechanics and a variety of modes are truly pleasing. Enough bombing mode you need to transfer a ticking bomb to another player as soon as possible to understand that the authors' fantasy works fine.

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Bloody Spell Build 20190116 (Early Eccess) - SKIDROW

Bloody Spell Game Free Download Torrent
Bloody Spell is an adventure style game, where you will enter the world of action with slasher elements, and all actions take place with a third-person appearance. Sending fantasy to the atmosphere to become its full part. Here you have to stand in the way of vengeance and take up the extermination of a huge number of enemies on your way. In your arsenal will be ostrozatochennyh sword, which will fight even with the most powerful enemy. You can also give the hero different abilities and combat techniques. During the battle, perform all sorts of acrobatic stunts and flips that will help outwit your opponent, defeating him cleanly in no time.

7 Days To Die Alpha 17.1 (b9) - SKIDROW

7 Days To Die Game Free Download Torrent
One of the main human nightmares was realized in the game 7 Days To DieIn 2034, a nuclear war took place that claimed the lives of millions of people, and survivors contracted a terrible disease that killed in 7 days and turned a person into a bloodthirsty zombie. When it seemed that humanity is doomed, you appear in the person of the protagonist. Perhaps you are the only survivor among the hordes of terrible zombies, now you survive as you can and, besides, do not lose the hope to rid the planet of this terrible virus. 7 Days To Die is a huge sandbox with a randomly generated world, combining such genres as: first-person shooter, survival horror and role-playing game.

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Onimusha Warlords v15.01.2019 - CODEX

Onimusha Warlords Game Free Download Torrent
Onimusha Warlords is a game that successfully embodies two popular genres: insane action and dynamic RPG. Here you can become the main part of the legend, directly related to Japan. Time of action: the Middle Ages — a time when your laws and order reigned, with which you need to get used to, otherwise you can say goodbye to life in two accounts. You will learn about the existence of several powerful clans, which include brave samurai fighters. These clans, for a sufficiently long period of time, are engaged in fierce battles between themselves.

CS GO / Counter-Strike Global Offensive v1.36.7.3 - SKIDROW

CS GO / Counter-Strike Global Offensive Game Free Download Torrent
Counter-Strike Global Offensive — this is a legend among the team tactical first-person shooters. Like other parts of Counter-Strike, this part is devoted to the confrontation of terrorists and police (special purpose units). The version of Global Offensive has undergone a number of improvements, changes have touched the graphics and the overall balance of the game. The essence of the game depends on the regime, the players have to perform the tasks set, which include the release of hostages, the bombing of demining or the destruction of all members of the enemy team. For the won round, players receive in-game currency, which can be spent on equipment.

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Immortal Redneck v1.3.4 - SKIDROW

Immortal Redneck Game Free Download Torrent
Immortal Redneck is a shooter combined with the genre Roguelike, which makes it an unusual project. You are waiting for deadly skirmishes on randomly generated maps, as well as permanent death. According to the plot, you are unhappy, who wakes up in ancient Egypt, all wrapped in bandages. What the hell are you mummy ?! What’s going on here? It is to these questions that you will find the answer in the three pyramids of Giza. It will be extremely difficult to do this, because the pyramids are simply teeming with various dangerous creatures.

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Running With Rifles v1.70.3 - SiMPLEX

Running With Rifles Game Free Download Torrent
SiMPLEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Isometric shooter Running With Rifles Pacific opens before the players a lot of opportunities. The game with a view from above allows you to conduct fascinating military events. For the process to be effective, a large number of weapons were introduced. Developers have created a variety of missions of any complexity, passing them will be quite difficult, but it is very interesting. Large-scale game locations with an unusual environment make it possible to move around and recapture the territory. In order not to spend a lot of time developing positions, you can use auto equipment. You can use hard direct attacks or conduct a quiet partisan activity. Particular attention igrodely given to weather conditions, the effect of fog, rain, snow, dawn and sunset, makes its own adjustments to the gameplay.

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Hand of Fate 2 v1.8.0 (upd.19.11.2018) - PLAZA

Hand of Fate 2 Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Hand of Fate 2 is the continuation of one of the cult computer, card games. For some reason, many players mistakenly believe that the founder of this genre is Hearthstone, but in fact, it was the Deck of Fate that showed the players how interesting and exciting card games can be if they add a little magic and animation that will absorb their beauty . After all, this can bring a lot of innovations into the already familiar gameplay. Thanks to this, you can easily take advantage of interesting combinations, with which to fight with enemies will be an order of magnitude easier.

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Overkills The Walking Dead v1.2.1 (upd.12.01.2019) - ALI213

Overkills The Walking Dead Game Free Download Torrent
ALI213 Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Overkills The Walking Dead — an incredibly cool action, made in the style of the zombie apocalypse. Plague without any problems can turn any person into a walking mass, to expect from which something good is not worth it. Plague is spreading all over the world and nobody knows what to do with it. I would like to note that the central characters are entered immediately by four heroes. Each of them has unique abilities and its own background.

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Resident Evil 2 / Biohazard RE: 2 v12.01.2019 (Demo) - ALI213

Resident Evil 2 / Biohazard RE: 2 Game Free Download Torrent
ALI213 Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Resident Evil 2 — The second part of a wonderful horror action. The release of the original Resident Evil 2 took place in 1998, but in 2019 it will return in a completely new look. The updated version will transform the familiar town of Raccoon City, thanks to a new engine — RE Engine. Also now you can pass both companies for Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield with a third-person view, to better look at the horrific monsters.

This game has been updated 12-01-2019, 15:14 to the latest version v12.01.2019 (Demo).