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Absolver Downfall - CODEX

Absolver Downfall Game Free Download Torrent
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Absolver Downfall — an addition with a heap of new content for the online fighting game Absolver. Downfall includes three major updates. Downfall mode. The Liberators will face the most difficult instance to date, each passing through procedurally generated caves and temples will offer players different ways to overcome the challenges, battle with improved opponents and three mighty bosses. Combat style of Fei-jin (Faejin). The new style combines attacking and defensive techniques, penetrating strikes and flexibility.

Vampyr Update 3 (upd.25.09.2018) - CODEX

Vampyr Game Free Download Torrent
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Vampyr is a role-playing (RPG) game that successfully introduced the theme of vampires, and you have to plunge into this gloomy and brutal world. The main actions in the game send our hero in the days after the end of the First World War, where you will encounter unpredictable turns of events and will begin to resist with insidious enemies on the way. Play the role of the protagonist, who acts as a doctor here. Due to certain circumstances, our hero bites a vampire, and, accordingly, he also becomes this bloodthirsty creature.

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Mist Survival v0.1.9.1 - ALI213

Mist Survival Game Free Download Torrent
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Mist Survival is a creepy enough, but at the same time very interesting game project that sends you into a dangerous world that has suffered the consequences of the apocalypse from recent times. History will tell you about the existence of an eerie virus that spread throughout the planet, taking the lives of millions of people, turning them into insidious and ruthless zombies. You, and a few so-called lucky ones, managed to find the vaccine and now they do not succumb to virus attacks. But not everything is so simple, because you have to fight for life by any available means, destroying enemies and coping with the many trials on the way.

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Red Faction Guerrilla ReMarstered v4931 - CODEX

Red Faction Guerrilla ReMarstered Game Free Download Torrent
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Red Faction Guerrilla ReMarstered — a game project in the genre of shooter, which is endowed with a dynamic gameplay, great visualization and pleasant animation, which in general causes a sense of presence in this huge and realistic world. Here all actions will take place with a third-person view that will allow you to take control of everything that is happening, thereby making more correct decisions based on one or another situation that has arisen. The game will allow you to penetrate into outer space, which you will gradually conquer, taking up the management of an army of professionals, and then going to battle with insidious rivals.

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No Man’s Sky NEXT v1.60 (upd.22.09.2018) - CODEX

No Man’s Sky NEXT Game Free Download Torrent
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No Man's Sky NEXT — a colorful game in the genre of action, where you will fall into the endless expanses of space. The whole universe is filled with various planets, on which all forms of life live. You will go on a far and fascinating journey to discover an infinite number of very different secrets. On your way, you will meet a lot of characters who will somehow affect your life. Every step you take will influence the outcome of the events, so act thoughtfully. Here you will have a lot of opportunities. You can take the guise of a brave warrior and fight with your opponents to death, but you can become a real merchant who will go exploring the world for the availability of useful resources, and then earn money from selling them. From the very bottom you can build your perfect career. To begin with, you need to purchase a spaceship and stock up on weapons to fight rivals.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider v1.0 (build 230.9_64) - SKIDROW

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game Free Download Torrent
Shadow of the Tomb Raider — another creation of the company Square Enix. The game takes pride of place in the modern offshoot of the games about the adventures of the beauty of Lara Croft and her attempts to survive in harsh conditions, as well as the thirst for some special relic. Where Shadow of the Tomb Raider will send many favorite heroine? This issue does not give rest to the gaming community. But wherever Lara wandered once again, it is everywhere beset by the problem and difficulties. There’s nothing you can do, because the girl is like a magnet for a variety of troubles. In the next franchise game, the protagonist, traditionally, will hunt for antiquity, simultaneously dealing with enemies and surviving in extremely difficult conditions.

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The Surge upd.21.09.2018 - CODEX

The Surge Game Free Download Torrent
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​The Surge is a cyberpunk RPG from the creators of «Lords of the Fallen». The game takes place in the near future. Humanity is on the verge of extinction due to global warming. The protagonist, Warren, works for CREO, which deals with climate issues. The main task of Warren is to fight, using a special exoskeleton, and a sword-chainsaw. Good graphics, a third-person view, a pumping system, interesting enemies and a well-placed combat system with spectacular techniques are what awaits you in The Surge.​

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The Surge The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented upd.21.09.2018 - CODEX

The Surge The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented Game Free Download Torrent
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The Surge The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented is a computer game that demonstrates all the delights of the current generation of game consoles and personal computers. Because such beauty can please only really modern toys. Previously, this quality of the image could boast except that the films. But the developers keep secret which genre belongs to the story shown in this entertainment, but the majority of players agree that this is most likely a horror, designed to frighten the players fairly because the atmosphere is too greasy for every player.

Star Control Origins v1.0 (upd.20.09.2018) - CODEX

Star Control Origins Game Free Download Torrent
Star Control Origins is a game developed in the genre of interactive adventure, where you will go to conquer a vast space. This time you have to play the role of one of the members of the team that belongs to a powerful space organization. The purpose of this organization is to fully control the space around the planet Earth. At first glance it may seem that such an action is completely safe, but eventually you will find out that this is completely wrong. So, huge space objects can suddenly appear in orbit, which can provide an imminent threat to the planet.

The Slater - HOODLUM

The Slater Game Free Download Torrent
The Slater — the protagonist of the game is former policeman Mark Slater. His father was killed while trying to find out the origin of the new prohibited substance D-Pain, and Mark must complete his case in order to take revenge on the perpetrators. There will be a series of battles with drug dealers, criminal bosses and all who stand in the way. Players need to go through six unique gloomy levels with multiple goals on each and a non-linear passage.