Typical nightmare v1.1 - PLAZA

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Typical nightmare — the protagonist John has long been on the stage of a nervous breakdown and at one point, when he felt the opportunity to end his excitement forever and overcome the frustration, he began to see fears that became too real. Gradually, fears began to absorb his dreams, and now they are trying to break into reality, and he has to fight them personally. Only you can help our protagonist stay in consciousness and overcome all obstacles. You have to go through with John through all his life and mental problems.

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Bermuda Lost Survival v26.08.2018 - SKIDROW

Bermuda Lost Survival Game Free Download Torrent
Bermuda Lost Survival — аighters for life, adventurers, researchers of all countries! You are waiting for a new adventure of your life. You will explore the most unexpected regions in the most remote parts of the world, which no one has ever heard of. You will visit the Bermuda Triangle itself, where for many years ships and people have disappeared with them. Can you become someone who will survive and tell the whole world about what is really happening here? The game Bermuda — Lost Survival is at the very beginning of its development, but it already has something to offer you along with an exciting gameplay and great opportunities for development in an unfriendly and unexpected world.

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Tales of Hongyuan v1.1.0 - PLAZA

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As a Chinese RPG game, our story took place on the ground called Ground Hong, where you can face wars between the two kingdoms, make your friends and open a dusty story. A lonely island is given as your personal place. You can explore it, collect various building resources to improve the environment and buildings, attract businessmen and open up more complex functions. Our history took place on land called Ground Hong with more than 30 landscapes, including villages, cities, cities, islands, graves, ruins and mountains. Besides the main task, our branched also support you in the wide knowledge of this world. Our TBS system allows you to use any weapons, skills, buff and backup in 5V5 mode. Your speed decides your order, and you need to give a better tactical combination.

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Funk Unplugged v20180826 (Explorer Pack) - CODEX

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Funk Unplugged — a game project presented in the style of a three-dimensional platformer that is able to immerse any player with a head in a series of dynamically developing events and incredible adventures, end and end that do not. You have a tremendous responsibility to save the world on your shoulders, which you can accomplish with your own musical skills and talents. The thing is that the world of music is threatened with destruction, and the most terrible and invincible enemy is going to do it.