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Not long ago, representatives of Bethesda Softworks during their speech at the Electronic Entertainment Expo announced that they are completing the development of the game Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, which is the continuation of its sensational hit Dishonored. Representatives of the press service did not particularly go into details and preferred to dissuade only the general words about the game, so as not to reveal the veil of secrecy in advance. Nevertheless, it was possible to draw from them that in Dishonored Death of the Outsider the players will again meet with one of the favorites named Daud, familiar to all the fans for the first part of the game. They also shared the secret that he, along with his assistant Billy Lerk, would rise up against the former teacher — the Alien, who in the first part endowed him with incredible abilities.

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The Surge Update 10 (v1.0 build 55112 P4) - RELOADED

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​The Surge is a cyberpunk RPG from the creators of «Lords of the Fallen». The game takes place in the near future. Humanity is on the verge of extinction due to global warming. The protagonist, Warren, works for CREO, which deals with climate issues. The main task of Warren is to fight, using a special exoskeleton, and a sword-chainsaw. Good graphics, a third-person view, a pumping system, interesting enemies and a well-placed combat system with spectacular techniques are what awaits you in The Surge.​

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Impact Winter v3.2 - PLAZA

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Computer game projects that involve survival, offer users fascinating adventures, and pleasing enjoyable gameplay. One of these projects, which we want to talk about today, offers players to try their hand at solving the problem related to natural phenomena. Some of the characters became his victims. It all started with the fall of the meteorite to Earth, and as a result of this there was a constant winter, everything was covered with snow. Manage a hero named Jacob Solomon, he is the leader of the group, and together with his team must perform a number of tasks, plunge into adventure.

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