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​Telltale Games has more than once pleased the players with great games with a good storyline. This time, the developers will tell the story of Bruce Wayne. Batman always stood guard over Gotham, and when Mysterious returned to town, you are the only one who can prevent his terrible crimes. Of course, in addition to all these problems, even your long-time enemy, the Joker will try to use the situation in his favor. To this, a federal agent was sent to the city, who should be your ally, but should he be trusted? Like the previous Telltale Games games, Batman: The Enemy Within will consist of several episodes that will gradually come out.​

This game has been updated 9-11-2018, 13:22 to the latest version Episode 1-5.


M4 Tank Brigade - SKIDROW

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M4 Tank Brigade — classic game of single-player combat simulator of World War II with thousands of unique combat missions in the solo game. M4 Tank Brigade also allows players to go online for FREE and play armored battles with other players while simultaneously managing not one but four armored cars. M4 Tank Brigade takes strategy and tactical maneuvering to place your armored vehicles to capture territory and defeat enemy forces. You can send your cars to separate missions. You can jump into any vehicle at a critical moment and place to ensure victory. Your skill driving and shooting from this car can ensure victory! You can also call artillery barricades and air strikes to smash the enemy’s positions. The map shows friendly and enemy forces on a very large territory, including other friendly and enemy players in the online game. Coordination with friends to position your strength for victory. Simulator based on the armored war of the Second World War. M4 Tank Brigade is not an arcade game, but a simulator game that requires some real training, excellent tactics and advanced thinking to play and win!